Monday, September 23, 2002

COMMENT: I felt the earth move

Last week I made my first purchase from Amazon, using up my £3 discount for a first order, and bought The Tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell. I just knew that as I opened it I would be unable to put it down and continued reading it until after midnight, Sunday. I fully agree with it's 5 star rating. A very thought provoking book with ideas and descriptions which resonate so well with events and people around me. I couldn't help hoping that Peter Reid, the Sunderland Manager, had reached his tipping point after that dreadful performance in the Derby against Newcastle on Sky yesterday - I am so glad I am living away as I know how much stick my fellow 'mackems' will have to put up with until next April when we meet them again on home soil.

A Sunderland fan died and went to heaven. On his arrival at the pearly
gates he was met by St. Peter who explained that although they loved everyone
they drew the line at mackems fans and he wasn't allowed to come in. "That's not fair!"
said the Sunderland fan and continued to complain about his rejection.
"Can't you make an exception" he went on. "Ok" said St. Peter
"If you can prove to me you've done one act of bravery in your life I will let You in."
"But I have" said the Sunderland fan. "When Sunderland played Newcastle at the St James Park I
went on my own and I wore my Sunderland shirt my Sunderland hat my Sunderland scarf and I stood in the
middle of the Mags fans and I sang "Come on Sunderland" and
"Magpies are Crap" as loud as I could." St. Peter replied" that was very courageous,
and when did you do this brave deed". The Sunderland fan looked at his watch and said
"Oh about a minute ago!"

Anyway, I got to bed at 12:30 and woke at about 12:55 to hear what sounded like a Roman army storming through the downstairs of the house. I just lay there with the house shaking and a roar of noise and my wife wasn't roused until the cat came racing through terrified at whatever she had experienced. Being educated as a Geologist my top three options for what had just occurred were:
1. A huge lorry had backed into the house and demolished the wall
2. A Harrier Jump jet from nearby RAF bases had decided to practice hovering over the house
3. An abortive attempt by aliens to abduct me as the experiernce was identical to those on the X-files and a full moon lit up the windows.
It wasn't until 7am this morning that the notion of an earthquake entered my head, and I was immensely relieved to hear the many e-mails, texts and phonecalls which had similarly misunderstood this short but scarey experience.

I guess this experience will now be locked in with the rest of my knowledge for future recall.

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