Friday, September 06, 2002

COMMENT: My first movie

I have just had a rather scarey phone call from Geoff Carss (Principal, Knowledge Management, Public Sector, IBM ) to agree the content of my presentation on 18th Sept for the 'Knowledge Management for Government Forum' which they have very kindly asked me to speak at. It was bad enough knowing that the master, Dave Snowden would be there with 60 invited senior government managers but when I asked when he wanted my powerpoint slides for publication, he said that with my permission they would like to capture the event digitally, both video and the powerpoint slides to combine in a CD-Rom. To say that I feel a little scared about saying the wrong thing is an understatement. I can easily see this being used at my trial to prove that I lie, misrepresent facts, slander, talk behind peoples backs, am two faced etc. I am not looking forward to seeing what nervous ticks, flailing of arms and all the 'erms' and strange quirks of Sunderland dialect I will be seen to use.

It will however be interesting to look at the technology, capabilities and ease of producing such a product for this is one of current dilemmas of how to store and make available the videos of story telling sessions I already have. Geoff has also promised to show me their current prototype solutions for handling a database of stories/narrative.

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