Friday, September 06, 2002


Earlier this week I began my 18 month project researching Knowledge transfer, Communities and the use of stories and storytelling in and around English Nature and indeed the nature of England. I have struggled with the best method to communicate my findings to the rest of the organisation and other interested parties and have decided to try using a web log or ‘blog’ as they are affectionately known on the Internet.

Indeed because my blog is about knowledge and its management such blogs are even more affectionately called klogs.

So a ‘blog’ or ‘klog’ is simply a log of thoughts and stories including useful links to the Internet, directly published to an outside community and I guess the usefulness of such a method of communication will be another important element of my research.

Wherever possible I will attempt to label each entry as to whether it is about a BOOK, STORY, COMMUNITY, KNOWLEDGE or just COMMENT.

You don’t have to read it. I am an amateur when it comes to writing so my style and pathetic attempts at humour may grate a little. I learned from summaries of previous storytelling sessions that just telling your story can be a therapy so even if no one reads it I am already feeling better for having written to it.

Feel free to drop in periodically, browse, graze, criticise etc. I would be particularly greatful for any contributions (stories, useful websites, nuggets of knowledge but not money) which I will be happy to give full recognition for or publish anonymously.

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