Monday, January 27, 2003

Comment Excellent TV

Although already part way through the series, anyone in Britain should stay in on Friday nights and watch the excellent new series of Bill Oddie goes wild. His relaxed manner, the beautiful scenery and wildlife and his knowledge of plants, birds and other beasties make it a very pleasurable half hour.

I was particularly interested in the way the show is all presented in the first person with him arriving, researching, observing and commenting on what he sees and finds. This is how Dave Snowden and Steve Denning recommend storytelling on their excellent masterclass and gave me a greater insight into how to make a story or in this case a programme more involving and how you relate more to the teller.

The proudest thing about the show is the credits, which in this episode at least, thanked English Nature amongst the other Wildlife organisations involved. I will have to find out who was involved and get the full story of 'Bill Oddie going wild'.

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